Multi-purpose smart bridge for the CyNet™ mesh network

Seamless integration between CyNet™ wireless communication and wired TCP/IP networks infrastructure


SubGHZ communication

Penetrates through any structural material

Multi-protocol port

Easily add devices from existing infrastructure

Wireless to LAN

Plug & play connectivity to existing networks

Device to device pairing

Pair multiple Cy devices



Infrastructure and pairing of systems are complicated processes, especially when dealing with multiple systems, already installed at site. We designed CyBridge™ with the intention that any system should be able to connect to the CyNet™ Network.

The CyBridge™ is designed for easy switching between CyNet™ wireless communication and wired TCP / IP networks. It is equipped with a multiport and can communicate with a variety of devices and protocols making it the ultimate integration tool. The optional NFC port configuration allows for for easy and secure protocol set-up. CyBridge™ serves as a bridge between multiple types of systems, and to eliminate the cost of various converters by removing the possibility of using GUI-based set-up, increasing the security level significantly.

Product sheet

Download the product flyer for more in-depth information about the CyBridge™