Tracking Solutions

Cypod Technology offers solutions for personnel tracking and access control. Know the position of all your employees in real time. Their location will be visualized on an interactive map, allowing you to easily get a quick overview of your facility. Personnel privacy can be maintained through anonymous tracking.

Access Control

Increase safety, security and compliance through our access control solution. Access to zones can be restricted to personnel with sufficient clearance. Access rights and certificates are validated through our encrypted authentication devices.

Emergency Management

Our extensive alarm system allows emergencies to be communicated quickly to all employees. Automatic evacuation handling ensures safe and efficient evacuation. With access to the position of employees, rescue missions can be executed with precision.

How it’s done

We provide an authentication device to all personnel who are to be tracked. The device can be a Cypod, Cyloc or CyCard depending on the functionality required. A mesh network is installed on-site to handle location tracking, data flow and access validation. The gathered data is processed, then visualized through the uAccess software. Our solutions are built for any environments, from office buildings to harsh industrial areas. With our scalable systems, no facility is too large to cover.

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