Secure Authentication

Device based multifactor security of personal information and transactions


Patented military grade digital security

CyPod™ is a tamper proof patented encryption and authentication device that eliminates the risk of cyber security threats by providing a secure environment for storing confidential information and making secure transactions. By offering multiple levels of authentication and a patented military grade encryption and customizable key management system, users can be assured that that their personal information is protected and secure.

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Secure authentication, access control and personnel tracking

CyCard™ is a multipurpose secure authentication and encrypted storage device offering a range of functionality such as a digital eWallet, access control and personnel management. Companies can increase security and safety with CyCard through identity authentication and verification, access control permissions, work routine management and tracking of employees.

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Cypod Benefits

The Cypod is meant to solve the issue of unsafe client environments. We believe that to maintain a truly secure authentication environment, one needs to control both software and hardware.